How can I buy ?
Put the sheet music you want in to the shopping basket and pay in advance, with credit card, PayPal or AmazonPayments (only Germany).
After you have payed you get the sheet music PDF send to the e-mail address you have given us.
You also find the PDF in your account area and can print and download the sheet music as often as you want.  
It's easy and for your convenience.
Why would you “cripple” this pieces?
Wouldn´t it be great if every student could not only play their student pieces with a great pianist but even with a real orchestra? That is not the reality. Most of the time the student is alone with his/her instrumental teacher. If the student is lucky, the teacher is a brilliant piano player. That doesn’t happen so often…. Most of the time the piano playing is lacking quality and therefore quantity. The result: The students learn their pieces without even having an idea about the accompaniment. Most importantly the students do not learn about chamber music. A teacher, who can play piano on a moderate level, can help his/ her students to achieve this goal. Also, music learning is much more enjoyable when played in a group, especially when the pieces are written for more than one player.
The piano teachers in my school don't want to teach arrangements to their students
I hear that often - but isn't music there for being enjoyed? And isn't chamber music best enjoyed when played with a person of same age?
My second big goal with this arrangements is to promote same age duos who can practice chamber music much more frequent and learn and enjoy on a same level.
Why are there so many violin/viola pieces?
My wife is a violin teacher – when I have filled her demand I am looking at other instruments – but please suggest pieces!
Do you think your wife is dumb?
Actually she came up with the name for the website when she was asking me frequently: „Honey, can you dumb this (piece) down for me?“ – and as always my only goal was to make her happy! … that´s how it all started.
Why only the 1. Movement of sonatas/ concerts? 
Most of the time students are only learning the 1. movement and move on to another piece from there – sad but true – if I‘m wrong please correct me!
Why are there no fingerings in the music?
Most of the time the fingerings are only disturbing additional information that you have to process while playing. If you need fingerings at certain points, try out which ones are best for you. If they are printed in the music you can’t get easily rid of them.