The piano part of "solo-pieces" is arranged so anybody, with a decent knowledge of piano playing, can accompany.

sheet music for 180+ pieces available

what you get for your money:
example: J.S. Bach, Bourée for Violin and Piano

Originalnoten (PDF)

vereinfachte Klavierbegleitung (PDF)

originale Instrumentalstimme (PDF)
original score
simplified piano score
original instrumental score

after sale you get a link to the PDFs through e-mail,
or in most cases a .zip-file which contains the scores as PDF,
and as a bonus a tuning MP3 and PlayAlong-MP3s in different rehearsal tempi

Please read the desription of every piece you want to buy
to know exactly the contents of the download product!


  •  the arrangements are meant to be used in lesson by the instrumental teacher who normally can`t play the piano very well (just be honest...)
  •  the arrangements can be performed in student concerts, also giving piano students the opportunity to learn to accompany
  •  building same aged duos is no problem anymore
  •  the essence of the piece will not be lost
  •  all pieces can be played with the original solo
  •  the massive piano sound is reduced and is much more fitting to the sound of a small student instrument
  •  all essential quemotives and rhythms are similar to the original part -
  •  the student will therefore not be irritated later
There are new pieces every week!  If you want to stay updated visit my Youtube channel.

How can I buy ?
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After you have payed you get the sheet music PDF or a .zip-file send to the e-mail address you have given us.
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